Wednesday, September 7, 2011

GoOd NeWs for u guys!!!! :D

salam. Happy Eidulfitiri everyone! Maaf Zahir Batin :)
first of all, i'm having dry cough right now, so sgt xsuke. i started having fever on the day 3 of raya n it lasts for 3 days. owh, it's so not cool at all having fever during Hari Raya, ok. huhu. thanks to PCMs for their not-so-great job :P haha. ok, forget about it.
ok guys i have good news for all of u!! :DDD do u still remember that i made a promise to find the interesting videos that i watched during APDSA? i've found it!!!! seriously! n i will share with u here. so enjoy! :)

n here are some of the videos about APDSA 2011. i want to share them first with all of u, in case if i couldnt manage to write n update this blog after this. i'm about to start my class back n it's final year! oh God! michigetda! so, just have a look at all these videos :D

 promo video

opening ceremony

closing ceremony

post tour closing ceremony

i can cry like h$%& while watching the videos and reading this entry. i'm not kidding u.
“May The APDSA Spirit Always Be With You”.=)

 p/s: haneulmankeum ttangmankeum saranghamnida...